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There are tons of niche dating sites out there – are they worth it? There are niche dating sites for geeks, Ivy League grads, millionaires (supposedly), men with 7 inches or better (supposedly), sites for just Christians, just Jews, just Asians, just Big Beautiful Women and Big Handsome Men. And that’s just the ones I can remember off the top of my head before my daily caffeine IV gets flowing.

Why do I worry? John still has several more years to go before he can retire. When he does, he will have a very nice pension and benefits. The woman in question is unwilling or unable to relocate to the east coast, unless he pays for her to move. It is a ‘romance’ based on the physical passion of a man who frankly hadn’t had sex in a while and is overwhelmed by what he believes is love. Yet…John is unwilling to totally commit to this woman. Thank God, he is wary enough to hold off on trotting his little filly out to live with him here, several hundred miles away. Together, they may have spent the total of ninety hours together.

Try to be interesting. Even if your life is very boring and you spend most of your evenings watching television, there has to be something interesting about you. You have passions, hobbies, dreams and goals. Focus on those things rather than on the boring aspects of your job or personal life.

Research has shown that heterosexual dating has a very large impact on the overall quality of life. People who have had many fulfilling relationships are more likely to be happier in life and be more social. You are also more likely to live longer if you are in a happy relationship, say marriage.

A lot of people all over the world resort to the internet to find that ideal partner, with whom they can find peace. Online personals Merlinsmarlborough.com are one such avenue for finding someone. The sites work like the classifieds sections of newspapers. One puts a personal advertisement there, or finds an advertisement and responds to it. But how do you know if the online personals for dating that you put up will get the right response from the right people?

A lot of the online click resources services will use astrology to help with the free romance compatibility test. You just have to search until you find a test that you can take that seems like a good one for you. Some people will prefer to take one test while others prefer to take another. It all comes down to what test you feel the best about taking.

You’ve been misinformed on what to do to find that perfect match, but it’s not your fault. You could be blaming yourself thinking there’s something wrong with you, but that is not the case at all. It’s easier than you think to find the right person, but you need to know how and where to look. There is hope, because your perfect match is right around the corner. You just need to follow the 5 tips on how to get the perfect date.

Lastly… have fun! Dating sites, especially those that cater to small niches (like Jewish dating) have truly changed the landscape of the relationship space. A Rabbi told me last year that HALF of his marriages now are those that emanated from an online meeting… as that percentage is ONLY going to go up as they’re popularity continues to rise!